United Future Leaders

United Future LeadersUnited Future LeadersUnited Future LeadersUnited Future LeadersUnited Future Leaders

Our Mission

The United Future Leaders program develops young leaders who impact the individual, peer, and social culture of their community through ongoing program participation.

Value Statement

UFL promotes qualities such as civility, ethics, and leadership empowering students to "Take it Out to the World" through service, mentoring, and relationship building.

UFL Themes

Civility, Ethics & Leadership are the foundational concepts of United Future leaders. The following themes are the building blocks that support individual growth and self-awareness among our participants.

  • Physical Safety- I am safe
  • Emotional Security- I know my feelings & honor them
  • Identity- How I see myself & how others see me
  • Belonging- I belong
  • Competence- I have abilities
  • Mission & Purpose- I have direction & purpose
  • Service- I help others, expecting nothing in return
  • Civility- I treat others as I would want them to treat me
  • Ethics- I do the right thing when no one is looking
  • Leadership- I bring out the best in myself & others

UFL Highlights


  • 2015-2016    Academic Year - Record 5th and 6th grade enrollment at 260 students served on a weekly basis.
  • August 2015 UFL Ambassadors and families contributed to the 3rd Annual School Supply Drive benefitting the Children's Home of Lubbock
UFL Take it to the World

Take it out to the World

  • October 24th -Fall Service Event benefitting the Lubbock Dream Center
  • December 12th - 6th Annual Holiday Service Project at RMHC - UFL Ambassador Service Event