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The Master of Science in Forensic Science degree program emphasizes extensive learning in the scientific and laboratory skills necessary for application in a modern forensic laboratory. The program offers concentration focuses in areas of forensic investigation and includes exposure to the breadth of forensic disciplines, including the principles, practices, and contexts of science as they relate to specialized forensic topics.

The Forensic Sciences program is a 39-hour Master's of Science Program, with the option of completing a research thesis or a comprehensive written exam. For students choosing to complete a thesis, only 24 hours of course work plus 6 hours of thesis hours are required for graduation.

Students from various undergraduate backgrounds may pursue either of two tracks within the program: the forensic Scientist track or the forensic Investigative track. The Investigative Track is designed for students who have a soft or social science background and intend to work in a non-laboratory setting. The Scientist Track is designed for students who have a hard science background and wish to work in a traditional laboratory setting. 

Students are admitted into the program twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The application deadline for Spring admission is September 30 and the deadline for Fall admission is April 15. 

 NOTE: Felonies and certain criminal, traffic, and civil convictions can disqualify a graduate from obtaining some positions in the law enforcement or criminal justice professions.


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