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Domestic Prospective Students

Admissions applications should be completed at least three months before the intended date of enrollment. Departments may have specific deadlines so please check with them prior to applying.

To be considered for fellowships, please have complete materials into the Graduate School by January 15th. 

Additional tests, departmental applications, and/or recommendation letters may be required. 

Application Procedures

Types of Admission

  • Degree Programs
    • Masters and Doctoral programs are available. Click here for Degree Programs
    • Most departments have additional application requirements and deadlines. Please check with graduate advisor.
  • Non-Degree Programs
    • Post-Graduate (PGRD) – Undergraduate classes only; no financial aid available
    • Graduate Temporary (GTMP) – Up to 12 hours of graduate-level courses allowed; no financial aid available
    • Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Education Certification (CERT) – College of Education approval required; concentration required
    • Teacher Education Certification-Human Sciences (FCSC) – College of Human Sciences approval required
    • Graduate Certificate (GCRT) – Departmental approval required; concentration required; no financial aid available

Completed Application

The following requirements should be followed carefully in order for an applicant to be admitted to a non-degree, master's or doctoral program at Texas Tech University. Applicants should also check the websites of the departments to which they are applying to determine if the departments have any additional requirements.

  • Application (Required) - submit a completed application online.
  • Non-refundable application fee (Required) – $75 initial application fee, or $25 for each subsequent application in the same term.

    Full-time or at least half-time TTU/TTUHSC staff and faculty, including spouses and dependents, may qualify for a fee waiver. Please complete this form and return it to Graduate Admissions before submitting your application.
  • Transcripts (Required) – Unofficial transcripts from all degree awarding institutions are required for evaluation purposes. If the degree is not complete when the application is made, six semesters or three years of course work are required. Please note: If admitted, you will be required to submit final official transcripts from all degree awarding institutions by the twelfth class day of the semester to which you were admitted.
  • Resident Alien Card (Required for Immigrant Permanent Residents) – Immigrant permanent residents must provide a copy of the front and back of their resident alien card.


More Information

If you have any other questions, please email us at graduate.admissions@ttu.edu.

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