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Distinguished Graduate Student Assistantships

Distinguished Graduate Student Assistantships (DGSA) are offered by Texas Tech University to attract high-quality applicants into our doctoral programs. These newly established assistantships are designed to attract high-quality applicants into our doctoral programs for fall 2020. Awards will be $25,000/year plus tuition and fees for up 4 years, contingent upon satisfactory academic progress. Departments/programs receiving awards must commit to providing a 1:1 match ($12,500 Graduate School; $12,500 department/program per year for up to 4 years). Departments/programs may have DGSA recipients serve as TAs, RAs, GPTIs, etc., but only at a level of 0.25FTE (e.g., teaching load must be half that of a regular TA/GPTI). Departments/programs may offer stipends above $25,000, but they are 100% responsible for the overage.

Nomination process for open competition:
Students may not apply; they must be nominated.  The nomination must clearly indicate how the nominee's qualifications rank among top applicants in the discipline (supported by appropriate metrics). Nominations for campus-wide competition should be submitted here.

Nomination system opens on November 15
Nomination deadline is January 15
Awards expected to be announced February 1
Offers may be accepted as soon as awarded but by no later than April 15

Please click here to submit a nomination

Recruitment Fellowships

These awards provide supplements to department stipends in order to make competitive offers to top applicants. Typically, the fellowships are $4,000/yr for four years for Ph.D. students and $4,000/yr for two years for master's students. Students DO NOT apply for these fellowships.

Timetable: These are awarded on a rolling basis in conjunction with admission.

For more information:  gradfellowships@ttu.edu

To view 2019-2020 recipients, click here.

Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Fellowships

Administration Building 328
P.O. Box 41030
Lubbock, TX 79409-1030
Phone 806.742.2787

More Information

To find out more information about Graduate School scholarships and fellowships, email gradfellowships@ttu.edu