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Distinguished Graduate Student Assistantships

Distinguished Graduate Student Assistantships (DGSA) are offered by Texas Tech University to attract high-quality applicants into our doctoral programs. These newly established assistantships are designed to attract high-quality applicants into our doctoral programs for fall 2020. Awards will be $25,000/year plus tuition and fee waivers for up 4 years, contingent upon satisfactory academic progress. Departments/programs receiving awards must commit to providing a 1:1 match ($12,500 Graduate School; $12,500 department/program per year for up to 4 years). Departments/programs may have DGSA recipients serve as TAs, RAs, GPTIs, etc., but only at a level of 0.25FTE (e.g., teaching load must be half that of a regular TA/GPTI). Departments/programs may offer stipends above $25,000, but they are 100% responsible for the overage.

Students may not apply; they must be nominated.  The nomination must clearly indicate how the nominee's qualifications rank among top applicants in the discipline (supported by appropriate metrics). Nominations for campus-wide competition should be submitted here.

Nomination system opens on September 21
Nomination deadline is January 31
Awards expected to be announced February 15
Offers may be accepted as soon as awarded but by no later than April 15

The nomination cycle for 2021-2022 is closed.

To view 2020-2021 recipients, click here.

Recruitment Fellowships

These awards provide supplements to department stipends in order to make competitive offers to top applicants. Typically, the fellowships are $4,000/yr for four years for Ph.D. students and $4,000/yr for two years for master's students. Students DO NOT apply for these fellowships.

Process: The Graduate School allocates these fellowships to college deans for distribution to departments; programs.  Departments/programs, in turn, use these to augment stipends to make tentative offers; department/program provides name of student to the Graduate School at the time of tentative offer.  Should a student not accept a tentative offer, the department may "keep" the award until the deadline and use it to recruit another student.

Timetable: These are awarded on a rolling basis in conjunction with admission.  The deadline to submit names of awardees to the Graduate School is March 1.  Acceptance of award for student deadline is April 15.

Diversity Incentive Recruitment Program

These aim to increase participation of domestic under-represented groups in our graduate programs through multifactorial means. The package includes: 1) waiver of application fee, 2) $4000/y stipend supplement for up to 2 years for Master's and 4 years for Ph.D. students, and 3) a $500 research/travel allowance. Contact donna.rogers@ttu.edu for more information.

Process: Programs that would like to make tentative offers to potential students who meet this criteria should contact the Graduate School (donna.rogers@ttu.edu) as soon as possible. Should a student not accept a tentative offer, the department will have to re-request support in order to recruit another student. There are a limited number of awards available and they are distributed on a first-come; first-served basis (typically no more than 1-2 awards per department).

Timetable: Departments may begin submitting names as early as October each year. The deadline to submit names of awardees to the Graduate School is March 1.

For more information:  gradfellowships@ttu.edu

To view 2020-2021 recipients, click here.

Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Fellowships

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Phone 806.742.2787

More Information

To find out more information about Graduate School scholarships and fellowships, email gradfellowships@ttu.edu