Texas Tech University

DAC Lockup
The Dean's Advisory Council (DAC) is comprised of alumni and friends of the Texas Tech University Graduate School representing corporate, academic, and community leaders who are committed to the vitality of the Graduate School at Texas Tech University (TTU). The DAC advocates for graduate education and serves as a resource for advancing the graduate enterprise at TTU.  The DAC also advises the Graduate School on strengthening its learning, research, and outreach programs; improving its facilities; expanding its base of support; and enhancing the service of its alumni. DAC members actively participate in the continual assessment of the Graduate School's progress and the development of university/industry partnerships. 

Dean's Advisory Council Bylaws

2021 - 2022 Active Members

Dr. Kim Alexander
Dana Cooper
Adam Eisenhauer
Dr. Karen Keck
Dr. Arindam Mazumdar
Cameron Monroe
Todd Phillips
Dr. R. Gary Pumphrey
Dr. Gonzalo Ramirez, Jr.
Matthew Ramon
Jeffrey Sites
Rozanne Veeser

Emeritus Members

Dr. Samuel Ayers
Dr. Margaret Briley
Gabriel Flores
Dr. Anish Kumar
Dr. Wendee Langdon-Payne
Dr. Sonya Lutter
Shawnda Rixey
Dr. Stuart Spendlove
Dr. Alexis Stamatikos
Carol Townsend