Texas Tech University

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is responsible to the President, through the Provost, for recommending policy regarding standards, criteria, regulations, and procedures for graduate education.

It is to review and make recommendations on proposals for graduate degree programs; criteria for membership on the Graduate Faculty; membership of the Graduate Faculty; admittance of doctoral students to candidacy for prospective degrees; residence requirements for graduate students; petitions and appeals; and any other matters relevant to the Graduate School.


Appointments will be made by the Graduate Dean.

Operating Procedures

The Council will develop its own operating procedures subject to approval by the Provost. Copies of any minutes or reports are to be provided to the President, to the Provost, to the Faculty Senate, and to the University Library. The chairperson may be invited to visit the Faculty Senate to inform the Senate of the activities of the Council during the year.


The Graduate Dean will be the chairperson of the Council.