Texas Tech University

Responsible Scholarship Training

An essential part of the graduate experience is to raise the awareness to professional standards of research ethics, integrity, and safety, and of challenges that student may face throughout their careers. To supplement the effort provided by our exceptional Texas Tech faculty, the Graduate School in collaboration with the Office of Research and Innovation has developed a responsible scholarship training that addresses academic practices such as data management, intellectual property, management of conflict of interest, ethical use of humans and animals in research, social responsibility of research, effective collaboration, and research misconduct.

This training is required for all new and continuing degree-seeking graduate students. Separate training modules are available for different broad disciplines (student self-selects the module).


  • New students must complete training within their first year
  • Returning students must complete training by September 25

Click here for instructions that will guide you through this training. Questions about training can be directed to:

Marianne Evola, Ph.D.; Director of Responsible Research

Kristin Messuri, Ph.D.; Associate Director of Graduate Writing Center