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INDS Self-designed Programs

The Interdisciplinary Studies program allows students to create a program that best fits their interests and career aspirations that might not be offered in the pre-designed graduate programs. With seven colleges to choose from, a minimum of three areas of individualized focus and 2,000 program combinations, students have a variety of courses and graduate certificates to choose from.

With this option, a student chooses courses from two different colleges with a minimum of three different disciplines. Each discipline is 9-12 credit hours.

During a student's last semester of study, the student should complete a final comprehensive component. This component demonstrates the student's ability to synthesize knowledge from their chosen areas. 

Like a discipline specific master's degree, an interdisciplinary master's has a final element that will access your ability to synthesize what you have learned during your degree program. At Texas Tech, you have the choice of thesis and non-thesis options. 



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