Texas Tech University

Graduate Program Review

College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

AAEC - Agric Appl Economics

AFS - Animal and Food Science

AGCO - Agric Education Comm

AGSC - Agricultural Science

LARC - Landscape Architecture

NRM - Natural Resources Management

PSS - Plant and Soil Science

College of Architecture

Program Reviews


College of Arts & Sciences

BIOL - Biological Sciences

CHEM - Chemistry and Biochemistry

CMLL - Classical Modern Langs Lit

COMS - Communication Studies

ECON - Economics

ENGL - English

ENTX - Environmental Toxicology

FSCI - Forensic Science

GEOS - Geosciences

HESS - Health Exercise and Sport Sci

HIST - History

MATH - Mathematics and Statistics

PHIL - Philosophy

PHYS - Physics

POLS - Political Science

PSY - Psychology

SASW - Sociology Anth and Social Work

College of Education

EDUC - Education Curriculum and Instruction

EPL - Educational Psychology and Leadership

College of Human Sciences

APS - Applied and Prof Studies

CFAS - Community, Family, and Addiction Services

DOD - Design

FSCE - Family & Consumer Sciences Education

HDFS - Human Development and Family Studies

NHR - Nutrition Hospitality and Retailing

PFP - Personal Financial Planning

College of Media and Communication

MCOM - Mass Communications

College of Visual & Performing Arts

ART - Art

MUSI - Music

TD - Theatre and Dance

Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering

CE - Civil and Environmental Engr

CHE - Chemical Engineering

CS - Computer Science

ECE - Electrical and Computer Engr

IE - Industrial Engineering

ME - Mechanical Engineering

PETR - Petroleum Engineering

Graduate School

IS - Interdisciplinary Studies

Jerry S. Rawls College of Business Administration

BA - Business Administration