Texas Tech University

Interdisciplinary Studies


Complex societal relationships and the world's rich cultural heritage can best be understood from the perspective of several academic disciplines. Similarly, understanding and addressing technical challenges increasingly requires approaches at the crossroads on many disciplines.

Texas Tech University has several interdisciplinary programs that integrate across fields, and enables students to study and conduct research that provides new insights into complex issues and positions them to enter and succeed in dynamic workforce.

Interdisciplinary Studies is divided into two categories:

PRE-DESIGNED programs integrate across several disciplines defined by their thematic topic. University-wide program are headquartered in the Graduate School, whereas more narrowly focused programs are housed within specific academic departments or colleges (e.g., Master of Engineering, Master of Science in Bioengineering).

SELF-DESIGNED master's degrees allow graduate students the freedom to design a degree that integrates areas and courses from the existing graduate programs. The purpose of this integration allows students to create a program that best fits their interests and career aspirations that might not be defined in a traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The Graduate School at Texas Tech University encourages interdisciplinary study and research, believing that our nation's complex society and the world's rich cultural heritage can be understood best from the perspective of many academic disciplines.

For additional information or if you have any questions about Interdisciplinary Studies email us at inds.gradschool@ttu.edu.