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Use the search engine resources below to find external grants, fellowships, and postdoctoral positions. In addition to searching general fellowships, you can search for fellowships specific to discipline and to special population (e.g., veterans, international students, minority students). 

For additional help and guidance in finding external funding opportunities, please contact the Texas Tech Librarian for Research, Instruction & Outreach - Brian Quinn.

Specialized Searches - These links might be helpful for students in these related fields.

First time applying for an external grant, fellowship or postdoctoral fellowship? Visit our Resources page to get an overview of the process.

Internships will typically not count as an external funding opportunity as required for Texas Tech Graduate School fellowships. Types of support can include fellowship, travel, small research grant, or any other activity from an agency outside of Texas Tech.

If you are having difficulty finding something related to your research or area of study, you may also want to find something that applies to you. This could be something such as from a credit union or church (a local entity), or a private entity (local, state, or national) such as the Ford Foundation that accepts all kinds of applications that are not narrowed by research interest or area of study. Your external funding opportunity must require an application submission that is competitively evaluated by the agency.

Funding sources that are lottery or essay-only type applications WILL NOT satisfy the requirement. Final funding approval is at the discretion of the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships.