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Graduate School Funding Recipient Requirements

2024-2025 Requirements

Fellowship recipients, both full and part-time, have requirements that must be completed during the award year. Information is electronically distributed to recipients based on their individual funding.

The section below outlines the requirements that will need to be met for the upcoming academic year.  Students must submit applicable requirements each year you receive support from the Graduate School.  Your new/continuing award notification will include which requirements relate to your particular funding.  The timeframe for completing these requirements is September 1, 2024 – August 31, 2025 (except the thank you note submission, which must be submitted by July 15, 2024).  

We will have a fellowship information/orientation session at the beginning of the fall semester that will go into more detail on each of these items (dates and times will be distributed as the fall semester nears). 


This summer 2024:

  • Thank you note submission - can be submitted beginning June 1st
    • Please click here to review our donor bios in order to customize your thank you note.
    • Electronic submission at https://gradwebprod.ttu.edu/awardtracker by July 15, 2024
      • The online system will ask you to include information about your personal and academic background, community service activities you have participated in, what brought you to Texas Tech University for your graduate study, career goals/research, and how this fellowship will assist you.

2024-2025 Requirements - The time frame for completing these requirements is September 1, 2024 – August 31, 2025.  Requirements listed below are for informational purposes only at this point.  Please do not submit any of the information below prior to September 1, 2024 if you will be a new student. If you are continuing student, you may go ahead and submit any current year requirements.

  • Submission of one (1) application for external fellowship/grant support (only applies to full time fellowship recipients; not part-time)
    • Please note that not all external funding opportunities may be accepted for this requirement. For more information on types of funding that can be approved, and other external funding application (EFA) guidelines, please visit External Fellowships & Grants webpage
    • We have a variety of resources to help you find external fellowships and scholarships.  Our website has links to an internal database as well as external databases such as Funding Institutional, grants.gov, and a few other places that will be helpful.  These sites are free to you as a Texas Tech student and are where you should look first.  If you cannot find anything on these sites, Google may be helpful.  You may also find something by speaking with your advisor or department as they may know something that would be good for you in your field.  Most funding (scholarship, fellowship, travel funding, grants, etc.) from an agency outside of Texas Tech would fulfill the external fellowship requirement. If you find something and want to verify that it will count, you can always email us and ask.  We will be happy to verify before you apply.  
    • Once you identify the external fellowship you wish to apply for, you need to submit your application to the graduate school website at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/gradschool/financial/submit.php for approval.  After you submit this, you will still need to submit the information to the external funding agency. 
  • Attend three (3) Graduate School sanctioned professional/career development activities 
  • Community Service (requirement only applies to United Supermarket Fellowship Recipients)
    • While on this fellowship, you are required to participate in two (2) community service events/activities annually.  The community service activity can be of your choosing.
    • This list may be helpful in identifying an organization to complete your community service events/activities.
    • Once you have participated in a community service event, you must record your attendance with the Graduate School to receive credit.  These events will be submitted at http://gradwebprod.ttu.edu/awardtracker 
  • Attendance at annual Donor/Recipient Fellowship Reception – Thursday, October 10, 2024, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.  
    • More information will be distributed as the date approaches.
    • Provides donors a chance to personally meet the recipients, and gives student recipients an opportunity to thank their donors.  


Fellowship Requirement Orientation Presentation

Please record all requirements in the Fellowship & Award Tracking Portal

Questions: gradfellowships@ttu.edu

Students are typically only allowed to receive one scholarship/fellowship from the Graduate School.  At the Dean's discretion, this limitation may be waived.

If a student receives support from an external funding agency, internal support from the Graduate School may be adjusted.

Please note that students in excess of 99 hours are not eligible to receive Graduate School funding support.  The Texas Legislature has capped fundable graduate study at 99 doctoral hours for most programs and may impose sanctions upon universities permitting registration for excess hours. Doctoral students with more than 99 doctoral hours may be subject to pay out-of-state tuition, regardless of residence status. The maximum time allowed for completing the doctoral degree is eight years from the first doctoral semester or four years from admission to candidacy, whichever comes first. The Graduate Dean must approve exceptions or extensions in advance.

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