Texas Tech University


DAC Lockup

  1. Purpose

    The Dean's Advisory Council (DAC) is comprised of alumni and friends of the Texas Tech University Graduate School representing corporate, academic, and community leaders who are committed to the vitality of the Graduate School at Texas Tech University (TTU). The DAC advocates for graduate education and serves as a resource for advancing the graduate enterprise at TTU. The DAC also advises the Graduate School on strengthening its learning, research, and outreach programs; improving its facilities; expanding its base of support; and enhancing the service of its alumni. DAC members actively participate in the continual assessment of the Graduate School's progress and the development of university/industry partnerships.

    Specifically, DAC members are asked to:

    • Provide advice from the perspective of alumni, successful practitioners, industry and business leaders and other external entities regarding the relevance of our programs and the efficiency of our internal operations.

    • Provide a connection between our alumni and students and the various economic sectors that the DAC Members represent.

    • Provide leadership to the many TTU graduate alumni; this leadership comes in the form of service and financial support.

  2. Goals

    The DAC takes a leadership role in advocating for graduate education and advising the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs and Dean of the Graduate School on graduate-related issues, including the following:

    • Strategic planning

    • External relations

    • Enhancing the educational and research mission of the Graduate School

    • Increasing the size, scope and quality of the graduate enterprise

    • Philanthropic efforts to make TTU more competitive in the recruitment of prospective students

    • Placement/networking of graduates

  3. Membership

    The DAC is composed of a maximum of 18 members. The presence at a meeting of a majority of the members will constitute a quorum.

    The Vice Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs/Dean of the Graduate School (VPGPDA/DGS) appoints the members with concurrence from the existing DAC members. The term of membership is three years with a maximum of two consecutive terms. Terms will be staggered so that up to four members will be appointed/re-appointed each year. The membership year begins at adjournment of the fall meeting of the DAC and extends to adjournment of the next fall meeting. Those individuals who have completed two terms will be welcomed to all future meetings of the DAC as a non-voting emeritus member. A member could be considered for another term after they have been off the DAC for a two- year period.

    The dean and associate deans of the Graduate School are ex officio members of the DAC. The Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs and Dean of the Graduate School acts as the secretariat for the DAC.

  4. Officers

    The officers of the DAC consist of the chair, vice chair, advocacy contact, development contact, and networking contact. The term of service of the officers is one year. These five members along with the dean and associate deans make up the executive committee. The incoming chair is selected by the executive committee prior to and announced at the fall meeting. Should the incoming chair need a term extension, their term will be extended to fulfill the duties through the vice chair.

    The chair shall preside over meetings of the DAC and provide guidance in achievement of its goals. The vice chair shall preside over DAC meetings in the absence of the chair and has responsibility for coordinating the activities of the ad hoc committees of the DAC. Furthermore, in conjunction with each fall meeting, there will be a pre-meeting (likely the day before) to orient members on college and university operations. The chair will serve as the facilitator of the meeting. All active members are also invited.

  5. Committees

    The executive committee of the DAC shall include chair, vice chair, dean (ex officio), and associate deans (ex officio). It shall serve on behalf of the DAC when and if the need arises between regular meetings of the DAC, provide confirmation of the dean's recommendations for membership and determine the incoming chair elect.

    The DAC may establish ad hoc committees at any time to address issues that are pertinent to the well-being of the Graduate School. Ad hoc committees are assumed to exist for a limited time period and will terminate when there is no longer a need for their existence.

  6. Meetings

    The DAC is an autonomous body and sets its own agenda in consultation with the VPGPDA/DGS. The general meetings will have a two-fold purpose: 1) to get updates from the VPGPDA/DGS on current projects and on pressing issues/needs facing graduate education at TTU and 2) a forum for members of the DAC to discuss issues/needs and to provide advice to the VPGPDA/DGS. We want this to be a mutually beneficial relationship and appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to the DAC.

    The DAC will hold general meetings twice a year. It is expected that members will actively participate in the general meetings as well as in intermeeting activities, as necessary.

    The DAC normally meets in the fall and spring of each academic year. In addition to the regular meetings held each year, special meetings of the DAC and of its committees may be called by the chair. The DAC normally acts as a committee of the whole, but committees may be appointed by the chair to undertake specific assignments.

    The chair, in collaboration with the dean, sets the dates for meetings of the DAC. The Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs and Dean of the Graduate School is responsible for arrangements and, in collaboration with the chair, prepares the agendum for each meeting and mails it to all members of the DAC at least ten days prior to each meeting. At the end of each meeting, the DAC makes suggestions for the agendum for the next meeting.

  7. Bylaws Revision

    Revisions to the bylaws can be proposed by any DAC member and by the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs and Dean of the Graduate School. Proposed revisions must be distributed in writing to all members of the DAC at least ten days prior to the meeting where action on the proposals will be taken. A two-thirds majority of all members present is required for approval.

  8. Disclaimer of Liability

    The DAC does, by this article, for itself and on behalf of its individual members, disclaim any and all liability for any losses, claims, demands, or actions arising or resulting from the recommendations or advice made or given in good faith to TTU p ursuant to the activities anticipated herein. It is intended that TTU exercise independent judgment and evaluate for itself the usefulness of the advice and recommendations so given.

Adopted: April 20, 2016