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Fees and Reservations


Reservation Request Procedure

All reservation requests must be made via the IGCAST Phytotron website. Verbal and email requests are not accepted. 

Base Fee Per Month

TTU Clients

Greenhouse: $6 per square foot per month; 45 square feet*, one month minimum

57 sqft Growth Chamber: $143 per 1/4 chamber per month; 1/4 chamber*, one week minimum

72 sqft Growth Chamber: $180 per 1/4 chamber per month; 1/4 chamber*, one week minimum

Non-TTU Clients:

Greenhouse Space: $15 per square foot; 45 square foot minimum*, one month minimum

57 sqft Growth Chamber: $250 per 1/4 chamber per month; 1/4 chamber*, one week minimum

72 sqft Growth Chamber: $350 per 1/4 chamber  per month; 1/4 chamber*, one week minimum

*Certain extreme climate conditions may require allocation and charges for a large space. Enquire with Greenhouse Manager for details.

What is included in the base fee and what are optional services?

Space Allocation

Clients are allocated space on a first come, first serve basis. Priority will be given to Texas Tech University faculty. 

There are several factors which will determine which projects will be accepted. These are listed below in no particular order.

  1. Demonstration of need for greenhouse or growth chamber space.
  2. Climate condition requirements.
  3. Amount of space needed.
  4. Amount of time requested.
  5. Principal Investigator is Texas Tech University faculty.
  6. Client adherence to Phytotron Rules will affect future project acceptance.

 Damages and Liabilities

Damages to Phytotron facilities and/or equipment beyond normal wear incurred due to actions or negligence by the client will be charged to the client.

The IGCAST Phytotron is not monetarily responsible for damages to or loss of research due to equipment failure, terrorist activities or natural disaster.


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