Texas Tech University

Parent and Student Testimonials

"Best day of my life" - Camp Wood Student

"Thank you, I learned a lot and had fun at the same time, I hope I can come back." - Camp Wood Student

"I appreciate what you did it really helped me in my work." - Eldorado Student

"Great job! I was very impressed! Continue the good work." - Eldorado Student

"It was one of the best trips ever!" - Mason Student

"I like your school." - Mason Student

" The Outdoor school is lots of fun and I wish to come back next year." - Mason Student

" The teachers were nice. It really helps me with Science I actually understand it! Thank you. I loved it. It was fun!" - Robstown Student

" I miss you all and keep it up. I have learned a lot from you and will keep that in mind. I want to thank you and I think I wanna go again! You are cool and fun!" - Robstown Student

"I loved everything that was there thank you. I really want to go again my mom wants me to go again because I was learning so much she wants me to get smarter." - Robstown Student

"I enjoyed the outdoor school because it was cool! Everyone was nice. I felt like I was at home." - Robstown Student

"It really helped me with my work. I loved it!!!" - Robstown Student

"I think all the teachers were fun and safe, but the most important thing was that we all spend time together and I wont to go back soon. Thank you a lot!" - Robstown Student

"it was very fun I still miss you. I want to go back to Junction, TX. I also loved the fun games. Ya'll make it so easy. Thank you!" - Robstown Student

"I know now to not leter and be kind to our enviorment. Ps. We miss you" - Robstown Student

"It was really fun and yall were nice; give yourself a pat on the back" - Brady Student

"I didn't want to leave. I love the whole thing. And I want to go back" - Brady Student

"I loved when you helped me on every question." - Brady Student

"I love the school because it was the most fun I've ever had and I'd like to go back and the owl pellet dissection was awesome." - Brady Student

"I think you treat Brady Elementary with good respect! I had cried o much you all mean so much to me!!" - Brady Student

"I had a awesome time! Really all you need to improve is...nothing. It all was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!" - Brady Student

" I loved it all my teachers and everything." - Brady Student

"It was easy for me to make new friends. I learned a lot of cool things." - Brady Student

"The OS is very safe and it is easyer to understand your problems." - Brady Student

"I loved it, it was just so fun and cool. I loved the teachers and food I went last year for a field trip it was awesome. I enjoyed it a lot thank you forhaving me there with you guys and I hope to see you again, BYE!" - Brady Student

"A wonderful experience overall" - Junction Parent

"The food was great! It was a lot better than sitting at home watching tv." - Fredericksburg Student

"It was fun, interesting, exciting and cool. I learned a lot. It was easy to understand." - Fredericksburg Student

"An excellent integration of education, activities, and character building" - Fredericksburg Parent

"Great learning experience, hands on learning and learning by doing causes lasting impressions. Thanks for allowing student this opportunity." - Fredericksburg Parent

"It was a lot of fun!! I got closer to everyone! I wish I could go back. It was very easy to go to sleep at night." - Fredericksburg Student

"The Outdoor learning center was fun and I have very good thoughts that I will become a teacher because the outdoor learning center was so fun." -Fredericksburg Student

"I think that The Outdoor School was a great experience. I fell that at this age they are still not old enough to fully understand the issues in now days world. This however is a great start at understanding and will make them more involved in world issues on the environment as they grow more mature." - Fredericksburg Parent

"The pictures of the kids on the internet were great!! - Fredericksburg Parent

"I thought the entire program was awesome! And then to come home with a C.D. of pictures-this was such a gift to all the kids!"   - Fredericksburg Parent

"The activities that taught the to work together and not criticize each other were the best." - Fredericksburg Parent

"I enjoyed the entire week. I hope to grow up and work there." - Stonewall Elementary Student

"I liked the way we all worked together to get things done. It really helped me know more about my other classmates." - Marble Falls Student

"I loved the outdoor school and I love all the teachers there, I had a lot of fun too. It was the best time I ever had." – Center Point 6th Grader

"It was great I think it was the best field trip ever I wish I could come again." – St. Mary's 5th Grader

"I think that the outdoor learning school was awesome. The food was great" – Brady ISD 5th Grader

"I had sooooo much fun! Thank you so much!" – St. Mary's 5th Grader

"...did cool things I might have never done before." – St. Mary's 5th Grader

"I like pioneers day when we got to make candles, make cornbread, plant seeds, and rope fake bulls, I liked the first day when we went hiking and learned about different plants." – Center Point 6th Grader

"I liked the Outdoor School because it taught me about other animals like macroinvertebrates..." – Center Point 6th Grader

"The teachers were fun. I don't know it can improve it was already a perfect time." – Heritage Student

"I really loved the woodworking!!!" – Heritage Student

"I liked how the outdoor school and how they made learning fun and any body that goes there will have the time of their lives." - Harper 5th Grader

"I really like your school I think it is the best school ever." – Harper 5th Grader

"It was way better than regular school!" – Brownwood 6th Grader

"Awesome!!!" – Brownwood 5th Grader

"The coolest place ever." – Brownwood 5th Grader

"I loved it so much, if had another chance to go, I definitely would." – Brownwood 6th Grader

""I enjoyed it and I loved getting in the river." – Brownwood 6th Grader

"I really enjoyed being with you. I really liked the teamwork game." – Kerrville 5th Grader

"Thank you for the fun and we LOVE you." – Kerrville 5th Grader

"I really liked finding the bugs in the river." – Kerrville 5th Grader

"I had a blast in the river." – Kerrville 5th Grader

"...everyone was treated as 'special'" – Girl Scout