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Texas Tech University
at Junction

For nearly fifty years, Texas Tech University at Junction, bisected by the South Llano River, has provided academic, research and engagement programs throughout the Hill Country region.
From here, it's possible.

Home of the Llano River Field Station and the Outdoor School, Texas Tech University at Junction captivates visitors of all ages with its scenic beauty, glistening spring-fed river, nature trails and wildlife.

Complete with classrooms, meeting facilities, laboratories, lodging, dining hall and outdoor amphitheater, our programs are provided in an extraordinary nature-based learning environment to expand educational, economic and cultural opportunities throughout the region. The environment is the ideal setting for providing academic, research and engagement programs making it a destination for important cutting-edge environmental research, scientific conferences and agency workshops.

Llano River Field Station

Llano River

Texas Tech University Center at Junction is home to the Llano River Field Station. Established in June of 2002, the field station provides a laboratory and classroom environment for undergraduate and graduate students from numerous universities, institutes, and public schools. As the largest inland field station in Texas, the national award-winning staff and faculty find themselves ideally situated, making it possible to conduct and coordinate research in a wide array of areas, including, but not limited to: watershed, exotic species, range management, natural resources, ecological restoration and environmental education. Issues of both national and international concern have an emphasis here, making this a very important part of the Texas Tech research mandate as a Tier One research institution.

Outdoor School

Photo of Outdoor School Students

Since its inception in 2003, the internationally-recognized Outdoor School at Texas Tech University in Junction is devoted to creating innovative STEM educational experiences that immerse K-12 learners into authentic, real-world, hands-on activities that stimulate imagination and understanding of difficult abstract concepts to remedy nature deficit disorder.

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