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Located on the South Llano River in the Texas Hill Country, TTU Junction is the perfect place to immerse yourself in nature and the outdoors. Courses offered at Junction are intensive face-to-face, hands-on, field based courses where you can earn 3 – 4 credit hours in 15 days. Quoted by many students as the best experience of my college career.

I owe my career, and the trajectory of my life to one single experience – a field course I took at Texas Tech University's Junction center.

Elizabeth W. Mack
Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Intersession 2024
May 9th  -  May 25th , 2024
Course Title Instructor Number
BIOL 3301-080 Field Ecology (BIOL) Stevens 20109
BIOL 6301-080 Adv. Field Ecology (BIOL) Stevens 20110
GEOG 4335-380 Field Geography Lee 37558
GEOG 5335-380 Adv. Field Geography Lee 37559
NRM 3311-080 Field Ecology (NRM) Stevens 72966
PHOT 4300-080 Photography Foster 20201
PHOT 7000-080 Grad. Photography Foster 25578
CMI 4301-080 Designing Interactive Experiences in the Wild Schweizer 72093
ZOOL 4406-080 Mammalogy Bradley 20207/20256
ZOOL 5402-080 Adv. Mammalogy Bradley 29767/29768
ZOOL 4408-080 Ornithology Skipper (ASU) 20242/20211
ZOOL 5408-080 Adv. Ornithology Skipper (ASU) 20271/20288
ZOOL 4421-080 Herpetology Densmore 35542/35543
ZOOL 6321-080 Adv. Herpetology Densmore 20136
Summer I 2024
May 29th  -  June 14th, 2024
Course Title Instructor Number
NRM 3407-198 Vegetation and Wildlife Inventory and Analysis Techniques Conway 38688/38689
NRM 3407-180 Vegetation and Wildlife Inventory and Analysis Techniques TBD 36584/36585


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