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About The Outdoor Learning Center

Since its inception in 2003, the internationally-recognized Outdoor Learning Center at Texas Tech University in Junction is devoted to creating innovative STEM educational experiences that immerse K-12 learners into authentic, real-world, hands-on activities that stimulate imagination and understanding of difficult abstract concepts to remedy nature deficit disorder.

Over 75 ISD's across Texas and internationally have attended the center, such as Talkington ISD, Instituto Gay Lussac (Brazil), Sweetwater ISD, Fredericksburg ISD and many more.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Texas Tech University Outdoor Learning Center is to inspire students and teachers to develop passion, a sense of ownership and identity towards nature and the world in which they live, while building better classroom environments.

Benefits of Attending

  • All curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEAKS).
  • Builds teamwork, manners, and self-confidence in a picturesque outdoor setting.
  • Students conduct meaningful field studies using the scientific method and real-world equipment.
  • The unique environment of the South Llano River for authentic field experiences.
  • Relationships to career opportunities are intertwined in all curriculum.

Nature-Deficit Disorder

Studies have shown that people, especially our younger generation, are spending less and less time outdoors. This disconnect from nature has resulted in a wide range of challenges for young people. Problems such as behavioral issues in school, obesity, attention disorders, depression, and anxiety are on the rise. The Texas Tech Outdoor Learning Center seeks to reconnect the students to the outdoors by giving them an environment where their curiosity and interest in nature is renewed. Students are engaged in real science outdoor learning in an environment you can only find at Texas Tech Outdoor Learning Center. Students leave our center with a better understanding and appreciation for nature and learning.

Learn in the Great Outdoors!

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