Texas Tech University

Research Projects

Current Research

  • Monitoring of global seismic activity, utilizing seismic monitoring devices on the TTU Center at Junction (Harold Gurrola, TTU/UT)
  • Functional groups in stream fishes: spatiotemporal variation, ontogenetic change, & patterns of diversity (Chris Higgins, TTU)
  • Phylogeography of the blotched watersnake in the Colorado and Rio Grande Basins (John McVay, TTU)
  • An experimental analysis of indirect effects between prey mediated through consumer patch-use behavior (Dr. Ken Schmidt, TTU)

Past Research

  • The impact of prescribed burning on reptile populations on the Edwards Plateau (Nikki Radke, TTU)
  • A survey of autumn macrophytes of the South Llano River (Esteban Terneus, Fundacion AGUA, Equador)
  • Seed germination rate in Texas & Mexican yuccas (Eric Ramirez, Universidad de las Americas, Mexico)
  • The distribution of copepods in the South Llano River (Leticia Torres, TTU)
  • Habitat partitioning in spiders inhabiting the shoreline of the South Llano River (Samantha Snavely, UT Arlington)
  • The distribution of crayfish in Central Texas (Dan O'brien, TTU)
  • A radiotelemetric study of the movements of striped skunks in Kimble County, Texas (Joshua Coffey, ASU)

Community Projects

  • A checklist of birds of Kimble County (Rhandy Helton, Junction, Texas)

TTU Center at Junction