Texas Tech University

Teacher Testimonials

"Everything was great – it's hard to pick one thing." – Center Point Classroom Teacher

"The teachers were wonderful! They were terrific with the students and very knowledgeable. I also loved the variety of topics that were introduced." – St. Mary's Classroom Teacher

"What an enjoyable and learning weekend. Much more than I expected. The staff was energetic and excited about teaching. Thank you for that" – Girl Scouts Leader

All activities (teambuilding, lab, river specimen gathering) were age appropriate and highly informative. The staff were excellent both as instructors and role models. Food was great too! - Girl Scout Leader

"We were very pleased and so appreciate the work involved in program." – Heritage Classroom Teacher

"very informative, gave lots of ideas to bring back" – Harper Classroom Teacher

"I loved the experience and can see no possible way to make it better!" – Harper Classroom Teacher

"Overall the day was well planned and presented very well." – Brownwood Classroom Teacher

"Best 'learning' field trip I have been on! Great job!" – Brownwood Classroom Teacher

"Great! Great! Great!" – Brownwood Classroom Teacher

"This was super! What a great learning experience!" – Kerrville Nimitz Classroom Teacher

"learning from morning to bedtime. Everything was incredible." – Blackwell ISD Teacher

"The day was so great. I can't imagine putting any more in the day."
" This workshop was the BEST! My group was so focused. Their comments were "awesome" "I want to go back and do it all over again." There were smiles on students that hardly ever smile. Thank you." – Camp Wood Teacher

"The total emersion of learning (both academic and social). I also like the integration of subject materials. Science was obviously the focus, but social studies, math and language arts were integrated. One other thing that comes to mind is the scheduling ran so smoothly!!" – Brady ISD Teacher

"I liked that the hands on activities were applicable to what we have studied in class-grids, latitude and longitude." – Brady Teacher

"I liked the variety of instructional methods used to reach the many types of learners. Each lesson was well planned and organized. Getting the students involved in actively participating was critical to the success of our week." – Brady Assistant Principal

"The staff was awesome! Very patient, prepared, professional, etc." – Fredericksburg Teacher

"The overall experience for me was one of growth for my profession and growth in relationships with my students. The whole experience was awesome and positive." – Fredericksburg Teacher

"This program has made a very impressive impact on my students' learning! Thanks! – Fredericksburg Teacher

"Great! You are a super bunch of people and educators! Thanks so much." – Marble Falls Teacher