Lubbock, a city of nearly 200,000, was named by Money magazine some years ago as one of the top places to live in the United States. Among Lubbock's many cultural and recreational opportunities are more than sixty public parks for those interested in sailing, sailboarding, tennis, softball, golf, and soccer. Cultural events include regular performances of the Lubbock Symphony and Civic Ballet during a full season of programming, while dramatic groups from the city, the Texas Tech theatre arts program, and occasional Broadway companies present a broad selection of theatrical fare. Other special eventsincluding lectures, films, symposia, and performances by visiting artistsare part of each semester's calendar.

Situated at an elevation of 3,250 feet, Lubbock offers a dry, invigorating climate boasting more than 3,550 hours of sunshine annually, low summer humidity, and moderate winters, making it comfortable in all seasons. Lubbock is located 320 miles west of Dallas and an equal distance southeast of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The city is served by a modern, international airport, as well as an interstate highway. Part of the city's uniqueness stems from geographical location, while part is derived from Lubbock's multicultural flavor.

Lubbock's relatively low cost of living permits many options in housing, apartments, and other lodging. Compared to the national average, rent is considerably less expensive, as are food and entertainment. Lubbock's many clubs and restaurants offer dining for all tastes at reasonable prices, as well as varied entertainment options. The below-average costs of tuition and fees at Texas Tech, combined with the low living expenses, facilitate a higher quality of life for graduate students than is feasible at most other universities.

Lubbock has become a regional medical center, partly because of the Health Sciences Center. Several major hospitals, numerous clinics, specialized medical groups, dentists, and other health care professionals have established themselves here, providing excellent health care. Clean air and good climate are added health bonuses for residents.

Nearby lakes permit water skiing and fishing, and the mountain ranges of eastern New Mexico are within easy driving distance of Lubbock, offering hiking and camping during the spring, summer, and fall, and snow sports in winter.

Excellent relationships between the city and the University facilitate student-community integration and offer many opportunities for off-campus internships, practica, and field work.

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