2001-2002 Graduate Catalog

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Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Studies

Fine Arts

Heritage Management

Interdisciplinary Studies

Land-Use Planning, Management, and Design

Multidisciplinary Science

Museum Sciences

Public Administration

Sports Health

Applied Linguistics

Comparative Literature

Ethnic Studies

Latin American and Iberian Studies

Legal Studies

Neural and Behavioral Sciences

Risk-Taking Behavior

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Department of Agricultural Education and Communications

Department of Animal Science and Food Technology

Department of Landscape Architecture

Department of Plant and Soil Science

Department of Range, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management

International Textile Center

College of Architecture

College of Arts and Sciences

School of Art

Department of Biological Sciences

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures

Department of Communication Studies

Department of Economics and Geography

Department of English

Department of Environmental Toxicology

Department of Geosciences

Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

Department of History

School of Mass Communication

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

School of Music

Department of Philosophy

Department of Physics

Department of Political Science

Department of Psychology

Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Department of Theatre and Dance

College of Business Administration

College of Education

Division of Curriculum and Instruction

Division of Educational Psychology and Leadership

College of Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Computer Science

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Petroleum Engineering

College of Human Sciences

Department of Education, Nutrition, and Restaurant-Hotel Management

Department of Human Development and Family Studies

Department of Merchandising, Environmental Design, and Consumer Economics

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Department of Cell Biology and Biochemistry

Department of Health Services Research and Management

Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Department of Pharmacology

Department of Physiology

Graduate Interdisciplinary Courses

School of Nursing

School of Allied Health

Department of Communication Disorders

Department of Diagnostic and Primary Care

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences


Residency Status Determination

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