Department of Diagnostic and Primary Care

Associate Professor Hal Larsen, Chairperson.

Associate Professors Bartold, Runyan, and Wilson; Assistant Professor Dennis.

This department offers study in the following graduate degree program: PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT, Master of Physician Assistant Studies. The program is located at the TTUHSC Midland College campus in Midland, Texas. To be considered for admission, the applicant must have completed at least 74 semester hours of prerequisite courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. A bachelor's degree is not required for admission. Individuals already holding a bachelor's or graduate degree in another field are eligible, however, they must meet the same prerequisite course and grade requirements as all other applicants. Contact the School of Allied Health Admission and Student Affairs Office or the physician assistant program for specific requirements and further information.

Applications are accepted beginning September 1 preceding the year of expected matriculation. New classes begin each year in early June. Applications must be received by the School of Allied Health Admission and Student Affairs Office by December 15 to be considered for admission into the professional curriculum, beginning the following June. It is the applicant's responsibility to assure that all required supporting documentation is received by the deadline.

Upon successful completion of the professional program, students are eligible to take the Physician Assistant National Certification Examination required for state licensure to practice as a physician assistant in Texas.

Courses in Allied Health Physician Assistant Program. (AHPA)

4101. Introduction to Physician Assistant Profession (1:1:0).

4201. Medical Interview and Human Dynamics (2:2:0).

4301. Clinical Laboratory and Microbiology (3:3:0).

4302. Physical Examination I (3:2:3).

4303. Physical Examination II (3:2:3).

4304. Psychiatry (3:3:0).

4305. Clinical Methods and Approach (3:3:0).

4306. Pharmacology (3:3:0).

4307. Pharmacotherapeutics (3:3:0).

4308. Neuroscience (3:3:0).

4309. Biomedical Research and Statistics (3:3:0).

4401. Physiology and Pathology I (4:4:0).

4402. Physiology and Pathology II (4:4:0).

4403. Clinical Medicine I (Primary Care) (4:4:0).

4404. Clinical Medicine II (Internal Medicine) (4:4:0).

4405. Emergency Medicine (4:3:3).

4501. Anatomy (5:4:3).

5101. Medical Spanish (1:1:0).

5201. Medical Ethics and Jurisprudence (2:2:0).

5301. Preventive Medicine and Community Health (3:3:0).

5302. Clinical Medicine III (Medical and Surgical Specialties) (3:3:0).

5303. Introduction to Clerkship (3:3:0).

5601. Family Practice Clerkship (6:0:40).

5602. Internal Medicine Clerkship (6:0:40).

5603. Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship (6:0:40).

5604. Pediatric Clerkship (6:0:40).

5605. Emergency Medicine Clerkship (6:0:40).

5606. Geriatric Clerkship (6:0:40).

5607. Psychiatry Clerkship (6:0:40).

5608. Surgery Clerkship (6:0:40).

6301. Medical Information Sciences (3:3:0).

6401. Clinical Practice and Organization (4:4:0).

6801. Master Project Tract (8:8:0).

6802. Health Care Management and Administration Tract (8:8:0).

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