College of Human Sciences

Professor Elizabeth Haley, Dean

The College of Human Sciences offers graduate programs leading to the following degrees:

Master of Science with majors in Environmental Design; Food and Nutrition; Family and Consumer Sciences Education; Family Financial Planning; Human Development and Family Studies; Marriage and Family Therapy; and Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management.

Doctor of Philosophy with majors in Environmental Design and Consumer Economics; Food and Nutrition; Family and Consumer Sciences Education; Human Development and Family Studies; and Marriage and Family Therapy.

The mission of the College of Human Sciences is to provide education, research, and outreach focused on relationships among environments, families, and individuals. The goal is quality improvement and enrichment of the human condition within a diverse and global community.

The graduate programs in the college are designed to educate scholars and leaders in all areas that affect human development; nutrition; family studies; environmental design; restaurant, hotel, and institutional management; family financial planning; family and consumer sciences education; and consumer behavior. Persons successfully completing graduate work in the college have traditionally been prepared to serve, and currently serve as leaders in the business world, a number of private sector organizations, and in academic settings as educators and administrators.

Persons interested in graduate programs should consult earlier sections of this catalog for information concerning University requirements for master's and doctoral degrees. Information about the graduate minor in risk-taking behavior is provided under the "Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Study" section of this catalog. Admission to master's degree programs requires the recommendation of the department and the approval of the Graduate Dean. Admission to the doctoral program requires the recommendation of the department as well as approval of the Graduate Dean.

Applicants should contact the program director or the chairperson of the department offering the specialization for college and departmental guidelines.

Courses in Human Sciences. (HUSC)

5311. Problems in Human Sciences (3). May be repeated for credit.

6000. Master's Thesis (V1-12).

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