Latin American and Iberian Studies

Associate Professor Alberto Julián Pérez, Director.

A doctoral minor in Latin American and Iberian Studies is administered by the Latin American and Iberian Studies Committee. The minor consists of 18 hours of graduate level courses taken in the participating departments and approved by the student's doctoral committee. No courses from the students' major field may be included in the minor. At least three different fields must be represented in the minor, and the maximum number of hours permitted in any one field is 9. Doctoral minors in the program must demonstrate competency, as determined by the student's committee, in Spanish and Portuguese except in special circumstances.

A minor at the master's level shall consist of a minimum of 9 hours in at least two fields outside the major.

Certain courses not listed below may be considered acceptable as part of the minor when the topic studied deals with Latin America or Iberia. Students should contact the course instructor in the department in which the course is offered and the Director of Latin American and Iberian Studies to determine if such courses are acceptable.

Courses in Latin American and Iberian Studies. (LAIS)

5300. Directed Studies (3:3:0). Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and Director of Latin American and Iberian Studies. Content will vary to meet the needs of students. May be repeated for credit.

Program Courses

ART 5315. Arts of the Indian Americas (3:3:0). (when course deals with Latin America)

GEOG 5307. NAFTA, Western Hemisphere Trade, and Regional Integration in the Americas (3:3:0).

HIST 5355. Studies in Colonial Latin American History (3:3:0).

HIST 5356. Studies in National Latin American History (3:3:0).

POLS 5371. Area Studies in Comparative Politics (3:3:0). (when course deals with Latin America or Iberia)

PORT 7000. Research (V1-12).

SPAN 5345. History of the Spanish Language (3:3:0).

SPAN 5347. Language Development (3:3:0). (offered in Mexico)

SPAN 5348. Culture and Literature (3:3:0). (offered in Mexico)

SPAN 5354. Hispanic Literary Concepts (3:3:0).

SPAN 5355. Seminar in Hispanic Literature (3:3:0).

SPAN 5361. Medieval Literature (3:3:0).

SPAN 5362. Golden Age Literature (3:3:0).

SPAN 5364. Nineteenth-Century Spanish Literature (3:3:0).

SPAN 5366. Twentieth-Century Spanish Prose (3:3:0).

SPAN 5368. Twentieth-Century Spanish Theatre and Poetry (3:3:0).

SPAN 5370. Colonial Spanish American Literature (3:3:0).

SPAN 5374. Nineteenth-Century Spanish American Literature (3:3:0).

SPAN 5375. Modernism (3:3:0).

SPAN 5376. Twentieth-Century Spanish American Prose (3:3:0).

SPAN 5378. Twentieth-Century Spanish American Theatre and Poetry (3:3:0).

SPAN 5381. Hispanic Literature of the Southwest (3:3:0).

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