Appendix G--Operating Policies Directory

Following is a list of topics pertaining to the Office of the Provost covered in the Operating Policy and Procedure Manual.

Academic Affairs--General
30.01 KTXT-FM
30.02 The International Center for Arid and Semiarid Land Studies (ICASALS)
30.03 The Museum of Texas Tech University
30.04 Texas Tech University Councils
30.05 Division of Continuing Education
30.06 KTXT Television
30.07 KOHM-FM
30.08 Honorary Degrees
30.09 Academic Freedom and Artistic Expression
30.10 Psychology Clinic
30.11 Texas Tech University Center at Junction
30.12 Official Publications
30.13 Visiting Speakers
30.14 Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic
30.15 Academic Administrator Evaluation
30.16 Commencement
30.17 Establishment and Review of Centers and Institutes
30.18 Adoption and Sale of Textbooks and Related Materials
30.19 Texas Tech University Press
30.20 Editorial Committee, Texas Tech University Press
30.21 Ringing of Bells on Campus
30.22 Guidelines for the Educational Use of Copyrighted Works
30.23 Institutional Surveys and Official Reports
30.24 Official Calendar and Publications on the World Wide Web

Academic Policies--Faculty
32.01 Promotion and Tenure, Standards and Procedures
32.02 Certification of Faculty Qualifications
32.03 Academic Deans, Associate or Assistant Deans,
and Department Chairpersons
32.04 Conduct of University Faculty
32.05 Faculty Grievance Procedures
32.06 Faculty Responsibility
32.07 Other Employment, Faculty Consulting and Public Offices
32.08 Faculty Salary Increases
32.09 Selection of Paul Whitfield Horn Professorships
32.10 Extra Compensation for Faculty and Staff through Continuing Education
32.11 Faculty Sick Leave
32.12 Faculty Absence for Observance of Religious Holy Day
32.14 Exit Interviews of Departing Faculty
32.15 Faculty Leave of Absence
32.16 Faculty Recruitment Procedure
32.17 Faculty Appointments and Titles
32.18 Academic Workload
32.22 Travel of Faculty and Staff
32.23 Concurrent Teaching Employment
32.24 Faculty Awards
32.25 Tutoring for Payment
32.26 Faculty Departure Notification Procedure
32.27 Review of Vitae of Prospective Faculty
32.28 Faculty Applicants Not Holding Doctoral Degrees in Departments and Areas Requiring the Doctorate
32.29 Faculty Development Leaves
32.30 Voluntary Retirement of Faculty Members with Option for Part-time Teaching
32.32 Performance Evaluations, Faculty
32.33 Faculty, Staff, and Student Conflict of Interest
32.34 Approval of Faculty in Nontenure-Acquiring Ranks
32.35 Faculty Transcripts

Academic Policies--Students
34.01 Undergraduate Student Admissions
34.02 Pass-Fail Option
34.03 Student Grade Appeal
34.04 Academic Regulations Concerning Student Performance
34.05 Student Withdrawal from Class
34.06 Sponsorship of Student Activities and Off-Campus Trips
34.07 Suspension and Retention of Undergraduates
34.08 Undergraduate Credit by Examination
34.09 Degree Requirements
34.10 Final Examinations
34.11 Combined Undergraduate-Graduate Courses
34.12 Grading Procedures
34.13 Grades for Military Personnel Ordered to Active Duty
34.14 Provisional Admission
34.15 Grade Replacement Policy
34.16 Visitors in Regularly Scheduled Classes
34.17 Unscheduled Class Activity
34.18 Individual Study for Off-Campus Courses
34.19 Student Absence for Observance of Religious Holy Day
34.20 Students in Study Abroad and Reciprocal Exchange Programs

Academic Programs
36.01 Adding, Changing, and Deleting Courses
36.02 Recreation Programs
36.03 Ticket Privileges on Dramatic and Musical Performances
36.04 New Academic Programs, Course Approval for New Programs, and Program Termination
36.05 Shortened Format Courses
36.06 Off-Campus Residence Courses Taught In-State
36.07 Authorization for Small Classes

Graduate Programs, Faculty, and Students
64.01 Admission to the Graduate School
64.02 Graduate Enrollment Policy
64.03 Graduate Students Employed as Teaching Assistants
and Graduate Part-time Instructors
64.04 Academic Probation and Suspension of Graduate Students
64.05 Graduate Instruction and Research
64.06 Graduate Tuition Surcharge
64.07 Graduate Student Appeals
64.08 Institutional Funds Arising from Fellowships and Traineeships
64.09 Graduate Council
64.10 Graduate Faculty
64.11 Insurance Coverage of Graduate Student Employees

74.01 Office of Research Services
74.02 Conduct of Research and Scholarly Activity
74.03 Collecting Objects on State or Federal Land
74.04 Intellectual Property Rights
74.05 Institutional Biosafety for Research Involving Recombinant
DNA Molecules
74.06 Disposition of Patent and Copyright Royalty Income
74.07 Identification Cards for Visiting Scholars
74.08 Allegations of Misconduct in Research
74.09 Protection of Human Subjects in Research
74.10 Safeguarding Classified Information

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