Texas Tech University
Faculty Handbook

August 1998


This handbook has been prepared by the Texas Tech University Office of the Provost as a convenient reference for present and prospective faculty members and teaching assistants. Although it contains a number of statements of policy and existing arrangements, it does not purport to cover all the available information. More precise and detailed information may be secured from appropriate personnel or from other publications, some of which are listed below. Should exact text be needed, consult the document cited at the end of the pertinent section. In cases where conflicts may appear to exist between policies, no interpretation has been attempted and the policies are stated as enacted.

The faculty will also find several other University publications helpful in providing information not included herein. Each department office on campus should have the publications available for reference. Personal copies may be requested from the appropriate originating office. Among the publications are the Undergraduate Catalog, Graduate Catalog, and Law School Catalog (also available at www.ttu.edu/~oPFPub); the Student Affairs Handbook (www.ttu.edu/studentaffairs); the Directory of Standing Councils and Committees; and the University telephone directory.

An Operating Policy and Procedure Manual (www.ttu.edu/~ttuopman), available to faculty in the departmental offices, provides additional information on a variety of topics (see also Appendix G). A number of items within this handbook are followed by a reference to that manual, as (OP 32.29). We recommend that faculty members verify all policies stated in the handbook with the latest OP Manual. Board of Regents policies are maintained in the Board of Regents Policy Manual and are referenced in this handbook as (BOR 06.01).

The information contained herein may be changed at any time by action of appropriate segments of the institution. Even though the material was submitted to numerous University officials for verification, errors may occur. We encourage submission of corrections or changes to the Office of the Provost. We extend our appreciation and gratitude to the many persons who helped in compiling and reviewing this handbook.


General Information
Board of Regents
Principal Administrative Officers

Facilities and Services
Lubbock Campus
Center at Junction
Texas Tech University Agricultural Field Laboratories-Lubbock County
Texas Tech University Research Farm-Pantex
Admissions and Records
Athletic Facilities and Programs
Computer Sales and Service
Computing Facilities
Copy and Fax Services
Development Office
Editorial Service
Extended Learning
Housing and Dining Services
Institutional Research
International Affairs Office
International Textile Center
Mail Services
Office Supplies
Personnel Department
Personnel Relations
Printing and Graphic Design
Psychology Clinic
Research Services
Southwest Collection
Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic
Teaching Academy
Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center
Texas Tech Police Department
Texas Tech University Foundation
Traffic and Parking
University Center
University Center Food Services

Office of the Provost
Academic Structure
Provost's Council
Academic Council
Research Council
Centers and Institutes
Faculty Senate
Graduate Affairs
University Councils and Committees

Faculty Affairs
The Role of the Faculty
Academic Freedom
Academic Misconduct
Academic Regulations
Adoption and Sale of Textbooks and Related Materials
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
Awards and Honors
Chairs and Designated Professorships
Class Excuses from Student Health Services
Communicable and Transmittable Disease Control in the Employee Workforce
Compensation for Teaching Distance Learning or Extension Courses
Conflict of Interest Ethics Code
Consulting or Outside Employment
Correspondence Requiring Official Action
Day of No Classes
Emeritus Appointments
Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
Faculty Development Assignments
Faculty Enrollment in Courses
Faculty Responsibility
Faculty Sick Leave
Faculty-Student Conflict of Interest
Faculty Workload
Final Examinations
Grade Records
Grade Replacement
Holding Public Office
Intellectual Property Rights
Leaves of Absence
Off-Campus Student Trips and Activities
Office Hours
Political Activity
Post Tenure Review
Posting of Student Grades
Private Use of University Property
Promotion and Salary Increases
Religious Holy Days
Salary Payment
Security Control of Keys
Small Classes
Student Organization Advisors
Summer Appointments
Tenure Policy
Travel Reimbursement
Use of University Buildings and Grounds
Visiting Speakers

Benefits and Services
Credit Union
Deferred Compensation and Annuities
Individual Insurance Plans and Reimbursement Accounts
Institutional Insurance Plans
Recreational Sports
Ticket Privileges

Emergency Procedures
Warning and Alert Systems

Appendix A - Tenure Policy

Appendix B - Promotion and Tenure Standards and Procedures

Appendix C - Faculty Grievance Procedures

Appendix D - Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws

Appendix E - Conduct of Graduate Students Serving as Faculty

Appendix F - Financial Exigency Plan

Appendix G - Operating Policies Directory

Appendix H - Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Appendix I - Sexual Harrassment

Appendix J - Comprehensive Performance Evaluations of Tenured Faculty Members and Faculty Members who receive an Academic Promotion

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