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Faculty Credentialing

Faculty Credentialing is one way Texas Tech University ensures that all instructors of record are qualified to teach in the instructional discipline. The Office of Planning and Assessment is an integral part of faculty credentialing at Texas Tech.

DigitalMeasures is the software platform for TTU's documentation of faculty credentialing.

DigitalMeasures allows faculty to track academic and professional activities electronically. Keeping the DigitalMeasures account up-to-date maintains TTU's faculty roster for SACSCOC reporting as well as a faculty member's HB 2504 compliance. Allowing faculty members and TTU to streamline reporting processes through customized reports.Digital Measures is cross-compatible with most modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Internet Explorer for the Mac platform is not supported, as it has been discontinued by Microsoft. Safari 2.0 and greater is supported, but some of the extra functions of the system are not available.
Betty Ann Thomas is the administrator of DigitalMeasures at Texas Tech University.  Betty Ann can be reached by phone at (806) 742-1505.

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HB 2504 Dates

July 20  SS II 7th Day of Classes

Sept 07  Fall 2016 7th Day of Classes



Step by Step Guide to HB 2504 Compliance using Digital Measures
Uploading Syllabus into DigitalMeasures
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