Texas Tech University

America Saves Week


Pay Yourself First

Monday, February 27th

Red to Black will be providing information on best practices for savings. Join us for the support and information you need to make a commitment to change your savings habits! Take a picture with Notorious P.I.G. to celebrate!

SUB Courtyard 11am-2pm

Savings at Tax Time

Tuesday, February 28th

We will be starting the discussion on automatic savings, and ways you can start making progress towards your savings goal. Take a savings selfie with your pledge.

SUB Courtyard 11am-2pm

Pay Off Debt

Wednesday, March 1st

Don't let debt stand in the way of your savings goals. Come talk with us about how to pay down your debts so you can use your money for the things you really want. We will be decorating ceramic piggy banks so you can store your cash in style!

SUB Courtyard 11am-2pm

Save for Emergencies

Thursday, March 2nd

Join Red to Black on how to set up an emergency fund and discuss how much you may need. Don't let an unexpected event leave you without money for the other things you need. Come decorate a paper piggy bank for you to take home!

SUB Courtyard 11am-2pm