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Human Research Protection Program

COVID-19 Updates

8/15/2020 - Clarification of Requests for Return to Face-to-Face Human Subjects Research

8/14/2020 - Modifications to an Approved "Start/Restart Request" -- To modify an approved "Request to Start/Restart On-Campus Research, Creative and Scholarly Activity", researchers may email updates and changes to Ms. Moriah Gonzales (moriah.a.gonzales@ttu.edu).  The email should contain a brief summary of the changes and then list the specific modifications being made in the request.

• These changes/additions might include: names, R#s, personal phone numbers, and emails for team members; locations and sites; target populations; screening and cleaning procedures; PPE equipment; etc.

** Please note modifications to an approved IRB protocol must be done through Cayuse IRB.**

8/1/2020 - In-person research activities (recruitment, consent, data collection, analysis) with a participant or another research team member cannot resume until you have approval from the Office of Research & Innovation.  Click here  for the application to request in-person research activities.   

5/22/2020 - Human Subject Research Guidelines for request to return to active research on campus.

3/18/2020 -  Human subject data collection involving face-to-face interactions, interventions, and/or public observations must STOP immediately. 

Human subject data collection involving the following procedures may continue:

• Online surveys
• Virtual interviews
• Virtual focus groups
• Online observations/interventions

In-person research activities (recruitment, consent, data collection, analysis) with a participant or another research team member must STOP immediately.  Researchers need to inform participants that data collection involving face-to-face interactions and interventions will be postponed until the University has lifted COVID-19 restrictions. Click here  for the application to request in-person research activities.

The IRB will continue to review protocols. If you have modifications to your IRB that would allow for virtual or online data collection, we will review those modifications as quickly as possible.

For any specific questions, please contact CassiDe Street at casside.street@ttu.edu.

Human Subject Research

Texas Tech University is committed to protecting the rights and welfare of individuals participating in research. Texas Tech's Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged with reviewing all human subjects research in accordance with federal regulations, state laws, and local and University policies (TTU OP 74.09).

The Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) serves as a liaison to the IRB and point of contact for participants and researchers. 

February 2020 Stats
Submissions = 183
Assigned = 199
Approved = 165

Federalwide Assurance Information

TTU Institutional Official: Dr. Alice Young
FWA Number: 00001568
IRB Number: IRB00000276
Expires: May 5, 2023

NOTE: The information provided above is used by Principal Investigators for sponsored projects and Institutional Authorization Agreement references.