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About La Ventana

As one of the oldest traditions at Texas Tech University, La Ventana (Spanish for “the window”) serves as the school’s primary source of recorded history. Its mission is to produce an outstanding depiction of the life of Texas Tech students in an accurate, appealing and innovative manner with broad coverage, in-depth stories, dynamic photographs, tight organization and creative design.

La Ventana operates under the direction of an editorial board made up entirely of Texas Tech students. This group oversees the student staff. Student Media advisers oversee the activities of the yearbook; however, content is determined entirely by the student staff.

La Ventana is printed each spring semester and distributed at the end of the spring semester.

Make sure you’re in La Ventana

Individual student portraits to be included in the yearbook are made free of charge early in the fall semester. Dates, times and locations are published in The Daily Toreador or online in TechAnnounce. Photo submissions are not accepted.

Secure your copy of La Ventana

To purchase a copy of La Ventana, contact the Student Media business office at 806-742-3388 or include it on your tuition statement during online registration.

Limited quantities of previously published Tech yearbooks are available. Call 806-742-3388 to check availability.