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About Toreador Media

At Texas Tech University, Toreador Media produces the student newspaper, The Daily Toreador, web content at www.dailytoreador.com, and the campus yearbook, La Ventana. Content also is available via smartphones, tablets and on social media. All publications, productions and videos within the department are non-academic, experience-based learning opportunities and considered student activities.

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Toreador Media operates as an independent collegiate news-gathering organization. While most of our students are Media & Communications majors, other majors are represented and welcomed on staff. Toreador Media provides employment opportunities for students to use academic knowledge in journalism, broadcast, design and business in the practical settings of publishing the student newspaper, campus yearbook and digital media.

Toreador Media employs 40 to 60 students each semester as editors, reporters, photographers, videographers, anchors, graphic designers, print and multimedia advertising account executives and members of the delivery staff.

Operating philosophy

Texas Tech University recognizes and affirms the editorial independence and press freedom of all student-edited campus media. Student editors have the authority to make all content decisions; consequently, they bear the responsibility for the decisions they make.

Texas Tech University believes an independent, robust student press is a basic right in a free and democratic society and necessary for a full and vigorous freedom of expression as well as proper growth and development of students as socially responsible journalists and individuals. It also believes such a student press serves the campus community best. Student journalists should pursue their vitally important tasks within an environment conducive to growth and development and, to that end, the university has assigned responsibility for creating such an environment to Toreador Media through the Toreador Media Committee.

Within this context, the Toreador Media Committee and Toreador Media develop policies and programs to assure adequate financial support for The Daily Toreador, La Ventana and dailytoreador.com to relieve student editors of many non-editorial/non-production business matters; to provide student editors readily available, competent advice and counsel concerning their ethical and legal responsibilities and other professional matters; and to promote on campus an understanding and continuing commitment to student freedom of the press.


Toreador Media, under College of Media & Communication, is advised by the Toreador Media Committee. The committee operates under authority granted by the president of the university and is responsible for advising the COMC Dean on matters related to Toreador Media. In the capacity of advisement to Toreador Media, the Toreador Media Committee exists to support and protect a vigorous, socially responsible Toreador Media at Texas Tech University. The committee brings together various elements of the campus community in an appropriate forum to discuss Toreador Media issues as they relate to the campus and to advise the COMC Dean and the Toreador Media staffs accordingly.

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