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The Daily Toreador

First issued in 1925 as The Toreador, The Daily Toreador is an official student publication designated by the Texas Tech Board of Regents to serve as a medium of mass communication for the campus community and to provide practical experience for students interested in mass communications. Funded by advertising and subscription revenues, including a bulk subscription from a Student Services Fee allocation, The Daily Toreador is an independent publication that seeks to fulfill the function of any mass medium:

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  • To inform, educate and entertain the readership;
  • To serve as a forum for discussion of critical issues, both on and off campus;
  • To bring buyers and sellers together.

The DT initiated an online presence in 2000 to further serve its readers. The website, www.dailytoreador.com, provides students of Texas Tech University an enhanced multimedia experience that will give students learning opportunities in online, video reporting and editing, slideshows, blogging and website content management. The convergence of our media creates newscasts, sports shows and campus organization talk shows. The goal is that students will receive experience to launch them in multimedia professions.

As an independent publication serving the campus community, The Daily Toreador and its website maintain professional standards and ethics reflecting the best in American journalism and advertising. Staff members recognize not only the rights granted them by the First Amendment, but also the responsibilities that accompany those rights. Balance, objectivity, accuracy, sensitivity – all are paramount considerations.

Responsibility for various aspects of The Daily Toreador and its online operations is divided between the director of Toreador Media, who, with the management staff, is responsible for all non-editorial operations (business, advertising and circulation) and the appointed editor, who determines editorial content with advice from the editorial advisers when requested. The editor annually develops an editorial staff handbook for use by the student staff.

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Contact Information

For questions about editorial policy, content, advertising, employment, circulation, subscriptions, photography or this website contact any of the following phone numbers or e-mail addresses:

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  • Room 180, Media & Communication Rotunda

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  • For The Daily Toreador or The DT website:
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