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The Cayuse IRB Review Process
Researchers can track the review process of their submissions by looking at the Dashboard at the top of the Submission Details screen.

Cayuse IRB Review Process

The green Check check mark indicates the requirements are complete for that review stage. The highlighted gray section shows where the submission is in the review process.

Cayuse IRB Test Site Available for Practice/Familiarization
The Sandbox UAT provides users a chance to practice or familiarize themselves with Cayuse IRB using a test site. The site allows test studies to be created providing practice before submitting a study through Cayuse IRB. Studies created in the Sandbox UAT are never processed.

To access the practice site, click on "Sandbox UAT" above. Enter session23 (lower case) as the user name and ttuttu as the password.

Cayuse IRB help files and "How To" Power Point presentations are also available to help guide you through the submission process.

Cayuse IRB Training Tutorials and PowerPoints

Request Training for your Group
Colleges, departments and organizations may request a Cayuse IRB training session for faculty, staff, and/or students. Please contact the HRPP office to schedule training at 806-742-2064 or email us at HRPP@ttu.edu.


Hot Topic/Tip of the Month

Revised Cayuse IRB Initial Submission

Starting May 1, 2018, a revised Cayuse IRB Initial Submission will be implemented. These revisions will reduce researcher and reviewer burden by allowing greater flexibility when submitting an IRB.

The expedited and full board review type will have only minor changes to the template. Researchers will see a change in the order of sections and removal of repetitive or irrelevant questions. Throughout all review types, there are Investigator Assurances that place the responsibility on the researcher to follow the Belmont Report, 45 CFR 46, and Texas Tech University Operating Procedures.

We have made substantial changes to simplify the exempt template. The researcher will answer a series of true/false questions, provide agreement with the appropriate investigator assurances, and respond to three brief questions (no more than 100 words). The researcher will not have to provide information or documentation about their recruitment, data collection, and consent process. A standard information sheet is provided in the submission to allow researchers to copy and paste, then insert their information into the document. The goal of the IRB and HRPP office is to have a quicker turnaround on exempt research submissions.

Initial submissions created prior to May 1 will remain on the existing initial submission template. If researchers would like to use the revised template and review procedure, a new submission should be created after May 1st. Researchers can delete/withdraw their previous submission. Exempt research submitted on the previous template will be sent to a reviewer and ALL procedures and documents will be reviewed and may require revisions.

Please contact the HRPP office if you have any questions at hrpp@ttu.edu or 806-742-2064.

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HRPP/IRB Announcements

IRB Meetings

The TTU IRB Full Board will not have regularly scheduled meetings for the summer months of May, June and July 2018. If your research meets the criteria for a full board review, please contact Dr. CassiDe Street, HRPP Manager.

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June HRPP/IRB Stats:

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  • 192 Reviews Assigned
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