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Venkatesh Uddameri, Ph.D., P.E. Interim Director

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The Water Resources Center (WRC) was established by the Texas Tech University Board of Regents in 1965. Since its inception, the WRC has encouraged, conducted, and coordinated water resources research and related activities. To accomplish this purpose, WRC has adopted a multiphase approach, encompassing research, education, and public service. The WRC also provides public services, both locally and statewide, through its publications, seminars, workshops, and as a resources contact with access to water-related experts throughout the campus.

The WRC's research activities focus on current water issues of regional importance to the Texas High Plains and encompass state, national, and international water issues that are of common concern. The operating philosophy of the WRC is that the highest priority for research activities should be accorded to concerns inherent in ensuring the High Plains region has water supplies that are adequate in quantity and quality to meet the region's needs. Thus, three objectives have been identified

Current Grants

  • A Sustainable Water Treatment System for Long Term Space Habitation - NASA Johnson Space Center

  • Assessement of General Circulation Models for Water Resources planning Applications- Texas Water Development Board

  • Center for Water Law and Policy - Environmental Protection Agency

  • City of Lubbock Canyon Lakes Water Reuse Project - EPA/City of Lubbock/ Alan Plummer Assoc

  • Climate Change Impacts on Water Supply in West Texas - Bipartisan Policy Center

  • Demonstration of a High Recovery and Energy efficient RO System for Small-Scale Brackish Water Desalination - Texas Water Development Board

  • Design of Monitoring Program for Water Yielded Enhancement Program - Texas State Soil & Water Conservation Board

  • SECO Renewable Technology Grant - State Energy Conservation Office

  • New Water Management Technologies to Sustain Rural Economies - U.S. Department of Agriculture

  • Playa Lake Recharge Monitoring - Texas Water Development Board

  • Research Needs Related to Natural Perchlorate: Production, Occurence and Stable Isotopic Signatures - USAF/AFMC

  • Engineering Support for Extended Human and Robotic Space Flight Missions - National Aeronautics & Space Administartion

  • Synthesis, Characterization and Environmental Impact Studies of Advanced Energetic Materials - Department of Defense/ Advanced Technology Institute

  • TTU FY 11 Great Plains Wind Power Test Facility (DOE FY 10) - U.S. Department of Energy

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