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Agricultural and Applied Economics Degree with Minor in Animal Science

This degree program prepares students for careers in managing agricultural firms supplying inputs or marketing agricultural products. Majors in this degree program can obtain a minor in Animal Science.

The Animal Science minor provides training in advanced basic sciences that are prerequisites for advanced courses in animal breeding, animal nutrition, and livestock production. By combining a minor in Animal Science with an Agricultural and Applied Economics degree, the student develops a well-rounded understanding of animal  agriculture and the economic/business factors that impact agricultural (and other) businesses.

Potential career opportunities - Meat production, meat sales, feedlot management, livestock purchasing, animal health product sales and feed and feed supplement sales.

Course Requirements

ANSC 1401 General Animal Science
ANSC 3302 Livestock Production
ANSC 3305 Applied Animal Production*

*CHEM 1305/1105 are prerequisites that must be taken as Natural Laboratory Science credit hours. The above coursework plus 9 additional hours of directed electives chosen by the student with consent of the Animal Science advisor. 

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