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Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Texas Tech relies on a variety of financial aid sources to increase the university's  affordability.  This may include scholarships, grants, student employment, student loans, and waivers. 

To put yourself in the best position for the most aid:

KeyUniversity Scholarships

  University Competitive Scholarships Merit Scholarships: no additional application
Continuing Students
Submit Application:
Priority Deadline:
Dec. 1
Presidential Merit Scholarships are guaranteed to first time freshmen admitted by April 15 with qualifying test scores and class rank.
Incoming Transfer Students
No Application Deadline
Transfer Merit Scholarships are guaranteed to students who have transcripts and other required documents submitted by:
Fall Entry: July 31
Spring Entry: January 5
Graduate Students  

KeyComplete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

At Texas Tech, eligibility for financial aid is based on financial and household information that is reported on the FAFSA.  Since grant funding is limited, priority is give to early applications.  The FAFSA opens October 1 at fafsa.gov and the priority deadline is January 15. Texas Tech code: 003644. Check out this FAFSA Overview video for more information.

 KeyComplete Expected Enrollment

As an admitted or continuing student, you must tell us what your enrollment plans are for each semester so we can estimate your cost of attendance and offer financial aid.
Summer Expected Enrollment2019-20 Expected Enrollment

Double T Dashboard

Check for additional requirements

 Your Texas Tech email is our primary method of communication.  We will notify you of additional requirements. You can also view additional requirements on the Double T Dashboard, which may include:

  • Scholarship Thank You Letter.  All University level scholarships require you to show your appreciation to your scholarship donor by writing a thank you letter.
  • Verification. The Department of Education requires us to confirm, or verify, that the information submitted on the FAFSA is accurate through additional documentation for selected students.  Students can view requirements and upload documents via the Double T Dashboard. Verification must be complete before financial aid can be disbursed.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress. In order to remain eligible for federal, state, and some institutional financial aid, students must comply with TTU standards for Satisfactory Progress.

Masked RiderView and Accept Offered Aid

Check your Texas Tech email frequently for notification that your financial aid eligibility is ready to view as well as updates or additional requirements.  You must read and accept Terms & Conditions related to your financial aid and tell us what part of your financial aid you wish to accept - all, some, or none of what is offered.
  • For a quick snapshot of the financial aid offered to you, look at your Financial Aid Notification.
  • Terms and ConditionsTerms & Conditions: Sign into raiderlink.ttu.edu. Click on the MyTech tab and choose View/Accept Aid Package under the Student Financial Aid & Scholarships menu. Select the Aid Year and click on the Terms & Conditions tab. 
  • View/Accept Aid: Sign into raiderlink.ttu.edu. Click on the MyTech tab and choose View/Accept Aid Package under the Student Financial Aid & Scholarships menu. Select the Aid Year and click on the View/Accept Aid tab.

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