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Earning a scholarship for your first semester starts now. To increase your chances of an academic award, please apply to Texas Tech. Just go to www.applytexas.org and submit your admissions and scholarships application. The Scholarship application submission deadline is November 15th for spring transfers and March 1st for fall transfers.

Transfer Scholarships

Transfer Scholarships are offered to admitted students transferring from community colleges based on official transcripts submitted to the Office of Admissions and pay toward fall and spring terms.

Complete requirements early - final awards are based on transcripts received by July 31st for fall or January 4th for spring entry terms.

Non‐residents awarded a Proven Achievers or IMPACT President's Scholarship will qualify to pay in‐state tuition.

Scholarship Name Academic Requirements Award Amount Renewal Requirements
Proven Achievers
60 *transferable hours + 3.5 GPA  $13,000 @$3,250 per semester for up to 4 semesters 3.25 GPA and 12 earned hours
per semester
President's Transfer
Texas residents with 30 *transferable
hours + 3.0 GPA and financial need as
evidenced by the FAFSA
$9,000 @$2,250 per semester for up to 4 semesters 3.0 GPA and 12 earned hours
per semester, financial need
as evidenced by the FAFSA

* Transferable hours exclude credit hours earned from AP, CLEP, or military credits.

* Students awarded a transfer level scholarship of $2,500 for 2 years can be upgraded. Based on updated transcript information, students could then qualify for a Presidential Transfer or Proven Achievers level scholarship. This would be considered an upgrade. Students are only eligible for one transfer level scholarship.

**Please note: A GPA of below a 2.0 for any one term will result in automatic cancellation of this award.**