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Sabre Flight Drill Team

Sabre Flight's goal is to produce competent leaders/followers through precision drill through the use of the U.S. Cavalry Sabre, M-1 Rifle, and knowledge of military customs and courtesies. The team is the U.S. Air Force R.O.T.C. and Texas Tech University representative for drill competitions, parades, color guards, Sabre arches, and many other special ceremonies and events.


Silver Wings

At current time there are no Silver Wings members.


Scabbard & Blade

Scabbard & Blade is a national honor society with the goal of promoting friendship and good fellowship among future military officers. This society is made up of the top 20% of cadets from both the Army and AF ROTC here at Texas Tech. We seek to establish and build long lasting relations between the branches. Scabbard and Blade provides unmatched leadership opportunities and encourages the essential qualities of good and efficient officers.

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