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Jordan Yeary, Jonathan Bloxom, Haley Gray, Taylor Word, Danielle Neaves, Shylo Rinehart, Trevor King, Matt Duncan, Cassie Kendrick


Staff photos by Savant Photographic Artistry.



A note from the editor...

When you come to Texas Tech University you have your eyes set on the future and what it will hold. We contemplate where these next four years will take us in our careers, in our personal lives and in agriculture. The 2014 fall issue of The Agriculturist highlights where we have come, where we are now and where we will go.
Agriculture has been and is a huge part of my life and I hope the readers of The Agriculturist are able to see the passion our staff have for this industry. With that being said, we chose three words that best described and shaped this issue; ignite, innovate and impact.
We hope to ignite your interest in younger generations to carry on the traditions we live in our day-to-day lives. We hope you embrace innovation in an ever changing industry and we hope you encourage those who are willing to take chances for those individuals and businesses will ultimately be the ones who impact our future.
I would like to thank the past, present and future individuals and businesses in the agricultural community and give my utmost respect to this industry. I would also like to thank my staff for producing a print magazine as well as the multiple apps for our readers in such a short semester. The success you are seeing could not have been achieved without my staff and contributors.
I hope our fall 2014 issue of The Agriculturist ignites your passions, innovates your future and impacts your lives.