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Tracee Murph


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Kayln Pearson


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Rae Buchanan



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(Back) Dr. David Doerfert, Samuel Petty, Brett Nelius, Rachel Bobbitt, Amanda Lima
(Middle) Rhea Lynn Leonard, Kayln Pearson, Laramie Adams, Jennifer Blackburn
(Front) Colleen Monroe, Brittni Drennan, Tracee Murph, Rae Buchanan
Staff photos courtesy of Kristen Shaw


Note From the Editor...

Jennifer BlackburnAs I look to our magazine layouts taped on the back wall of the classroom many of my classmates would call a second home this semester, one thing comes to mind—these stories represent the individuals that exemplify the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources at Tech Tech University. Whether they are administrators, professors, coaches, alumni or current students, all play a key role in the CASNR family. Devoting their way of life to agriculture, they represent the college with the utmost quality and integrity, and our staff is honored to highlight each of them.


Producing The Agriculturist is an eminent tradition in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communications, and each year’s staff strives to make their issue better than the last. I would like to give a sincere thank you to my fellow classmates for all the hard work they dedicated in and out of the classroom to make this magazine the best it has ever been. I would also like to thank our professors Dr. David Doerfert and Rachel Bobbitt for their instruction, insight and some peacemaking along the way.
It has been an honor to serve as editor for a quality publication that mirrors outstanding friends and colleagues, noteworthy leaders and the greatest college on campus. I hope you enjoy the magazine and learn something new within its pages.



Jennifer Blackburn