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Top to Bottom: Chance Van Dyke, Jackson McGraw, Lindsay Ornbaun, Amber Oldham, Amber Krause, Sam Gadd, Katie Hancock, Holly Hunnicutt, Clayton Wilson, David Doerfert, Michelle Newton, Brady Hinson, Paige Baker, Madelon Osborne, Lindsay Graber, Meredith Couts, Hilary McNamara, JoAnna Elliott,
Kelsey Fletcher, Jaryn Jones (Not pictured: Kristi Schneider)
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Kelsey FletcherA Note From the Editor...


Agricultural communications at Texas Tech University has really grown in the last few years. Through the hard work and dedication of a slate of dedicated professors, students and supporters, there are currently about 150 agricultural communications undergraduate students and 13 graduate students. When I started college in the fall of 2007, The Agriculturist staff was lucky to consist of 10 members and each issue contained roughly 50 pages. Our staff was blessed with 18 contributors who worked hard writing, designing and taking photos for our issue. This publication is truly a paramount reflection of our combined education and experiences.

I am truly thankful for the dedication and talent of my fellow staff members – JoAnna, Meredith and Jaryn. They really put in the extra time and effort to bring this publication together. Also, this would not have been possible without the guidance and support of our advisers, Dr. David Doerfert and Lindsay Graber. And to those who have so generously supported our magazine through advertisements time and time again, know you are crucial to our educational experience and we truly appreciate your support.

This issue really focuses on the future of agriculture and the seemingly endless opportunities and challenges. While some articles focus on groundbreaking research or changes in public perception of agriculture, others highlight how our past can guide our future. We hope our magazine gives some insight into our department and college currently, as well as where we are headed in the future.

~ Kelsey Fletcher