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Adeline Fox, Hilari Vargas, Kristina Stewart, Campbell Decker, Christi Chadwell, Larkin Davis, Bailey Rose Eiland, Macy King, Dr. David Doerfert, Lindsay Graber, Robyn Rose, Laurie Bellah Strebeck, Adam Evans, Katelyn Ball, Sky Stracener, Nickelyn Bays, Keisha Yarbar, Torie Robinson, Macy Hindman.


Not pictured: Caitlin Bagnall
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Adeline Fox

Associate Editor

Bailey Eiland

Graphics Manager

Christi Chadwell

Advertising Manager

Larkin Davis





A Note From the Editor

adelineFrom ranching roots to becoming an agricultural communicator, I have realized that many new challenges and innovations lay ahead for the agricultural industry. I have great hope for the future of agriculture and our generation of future agriculturalists.


Our class has put together a magazine speaking to the changes that agriculture is facing, embracing the heritage of our western culture and instilling the tradition of Texas Tech University and more importantly the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.


I would like to first thank the editing staff – Bailey Eiland, Larkin Davis and Christi Chadwell. I am so glad I was able to work with each one of you and get to know you on a professional level. In addition to the editing staff’s hard work and dedication, thank you to all of my classmates who made this magazine the outstanding issue that it is. Thank you very much Dr. Doerfert and Lindsay Graber for all of your guidance throughout this semester. You both helped all of us to put forth the highest quality work possible. Also, I would like to thank all of the story contributors and the advertisers that financially helped us this semester.


It has been a true honor to serve as editor this semester. I look forward to preserving what our ancestors have built for us and adapting to the ever-changing agricultural industry.