A Note from the Editor

Robert Jones, Editor

One of the most popular staple teaching methods at our university is the group project. It’s simple: assign students into mostly uncomfortable groups and require them to produce some sort of paper or give a presentation on a specific topic in a very short period of time. I’ve been a part of many group projects during my college career, some better than others, and as I write this we are at the end of what has been the biggest group project I’ve ever been a part of. Unlike most group work, the magazine class was made up of talented individuals, all of whom were excited and motivated by the prospect of having their work showcased in a publication. This truly has been a team effort, and I believe you will enjoy the results. I would like to thank every student who contributed his or her work to this magazine. Unfortunately, we were not able to include every student’s story in the final version of the magazine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t read them. As a supplement to the hard copy, an electronic version of the magazine is available through the department website. I would also like to thank the rest of the staff for all the time and effort they put into this project from start to finish. Each one brought a unique skill set and perspective to the table. Additionally, thank you Leslie Kitten for being a guest lecturer and taking all the staff portraits. Last but certainly not least; I would like to thank Dr. Doerfert for all his help and guidance throughout the semester. His expertise and experience was a real asset to us at every turn.

I hope you enjoy reading this semester’s addition of The Agriculturist as much as we enjoyed creating it. Good luck with all of life’s many group projects.

Spring 2013 Contributors

Agriculturist Staff | Spring 2013

Back row (left to right): Dean Black, Robert Jones, Kate Gracey, Savannah Leonard, Brent Aiken, Allen Thompson, Brent Pape, Justin Cabe. Middle row: Dr. David Doerfert, Faith Jurek, Brittany Ehlert, Taylor Hicklen, Holly Harrison, Lauren Bogle, Corey Duysen, Danielle White. Front row: Parker Morrow, Madison Norrell, Emily Gallagher, Chancy Price, Harley Hoot, Krista Lucas, Andrea Nordman.
Not pictured: Drew Cashman.

Photo courtesy of Savant Photography.

The Agriculturist is a student publication of the Department of Agricultural Education and Communications at Texas Tech University. Each semester, students enrolled in ACOM 4310: Development of Agricultural Publications produce this magazine from start to finish as part of their degree requirements. The magazine is funded solely by advertisers and sponsors and is a not-for-profit publication.