The Agriculturist Spring 2014

Staff: Spring 2014


Editor - Meredith Holdsworth

Associate Editor - Garrett Couts

Graphics Manager - Carlee Smith

Advertising Manager - Kelsey Jones



BACK ROW: James Marcuse, Matt Hilburn, David Batista, Layton Norwood, Garrett Couts, Keegan Langford, Jordan Burson, Faith Jurek, Meredith Holdsworth, Whitney Curry, Brett Gay

MIDDLE ROW: Theresa Graf, Taylor Dunbar, Brandyl Brooks, Alex Borowski, Amber Halfmann, Laurin Spraberry

FRONT ROW: Katelyn Perry, Magan Escamilla, Hallie Bertrand, Catherine Saathoff, Carlee Smith, Tyler O'Neal


*Photos by Savant Photography


On the cover

Ann-Marie Saleh, J.D., Photo by Garrett Couts


A note from the editor...

Since the beginning of the semester, our issue of The Agriculturist has embodied what it is to be an innovator in Editor: Meredith Holdsworththe agricultural industry.  We saw this semester’s issue as an opportunity to grow in the direction the digital age has led us. With the release of our newest endeavor, the digital publication, the staff was able to take on the challenge of a new medium and in the process, a new outlook on our magazine. If the industry is rapidly changing, why shouldn’t we?


Although we have made a few changes to the magazine this semester, one theme has remained constant: the agricultural industry is moving at a rapid pace. I want to thank all the agriculturalists, past, present and future, who have been innovators or have taken on new challenges. It is inspiring to see how far we have come.


I want to thank all of the students, teachers, alumni and friends who contributed to the magazine, our teaching assistants for their insight, and Dr. Doefert for leading us. I could not be more proud of my classmates for their hard work in not only writing or layout but for earning the right to be the largest magazine to date. That being said, a big thank you also goes to our advertisers. Without your contributions, we would not have met our extremely high goals.


My hope is that this issue of the magazine displays how far our industry has come, and where it is going. I hope you enjoy this Spring 2014 issue of The Agriculturist.