TOP: David Doerfert, Morgan Lockaby, Beth Hughs, Weston Stoope, Keely Hamman, Heather Wilson. MIDDLE: Coltyn Prichard, Colton Dann, Adri Jolly, Codi Coulter. BOTTOM: Jessica Napper, Erin Warren, Cody Trimble.









Editor: Erin Warren

Associate Editor: Adri Jolly

Advertising Manager: Morgan Lockaby


A Note From The Editor

Erin Warren2015 marks a new year filled with exciting beginnings and cutting edge innovations. Our spring 2015 issue of The Agriculturalist embodies the exciting start of new journeys.

My hope is that you make connections with our stories and your own lives. Be inspired to lead, as Chancellor Duncan was during his time as a student in CASNR. Invest in the future of agriculture by discovering how you can preserve our natural resources. Be humbled by the story of Nevaeh and her adopted brothers, and be touched by the Ulmers love for their unconventional family.

This issue of The Agriculturalist connected us to the world around us, and showed us we can make an impact – on agriculture, on the university, and on the lives of others.

I want to thank everyone who connected with us to produce this magazine. To all the agriculturalists who taught us about our influence on the world – from production research, to better breeding techniques, to preserving our natural resources – thank you for your commitment to bettering agriculture. To the people we connected with: your stories inspired us. Thank you for letting us share them.

Thank you staff and contributors. With a small class this fall we were really able to define what we wanted in the magazine. Thank you all for your dedication and perseverance.

I hope our spring 2015 issue of The Agriculturalist leads you to connect to our industry and our people and inspires you to think big.


Erin Warren