Texas Tech University

Languages & Cultures - RLAS Major

The major requires 33 semester hours of course work. RUSN 1501 and 1502 are prerequisites for, but do not count towards, the major. RUSN 2301, 2302 (or their equivalents), and 3304 are required for all students seeking a major. RUSN 3305 may be repeated for up to 12 hours of credit with varying content. It is strongly recommended that all majors complete a minimum of 6 hours of RUSN 3305. In addition, majors need to take 24 hours of approved courses offered by the Departments of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures, Economics and Geography, History, and Political Science, of which 6 hrs. must be writing intensive.

Prior to enrolling in the program and to registering for courses, students should consult Dr. Qualin.

The degree plan will be drawn up from the following list of courses*:


  • RUSN 2301 A Second Course in Russian I
  • RUSN 2302 A Second Course in Russian II
  • CMLL 2305
  • 9 hours

Advanced Language:

  • RUSN 3305 Advanced Russian Language
  • 6-12 hours

Literature, History, and Politic Science (Junior level):

  • RUSN 3301 19th Century Russian Literature (in English)
  • RUSN 3302 Early 20th Century Russian Literature (in English)
  • POLS 3372 Governments of Russia and the CIS
  • HIST 3372 Tsarist Russia
  • HIST 3374 Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia
  • 6-12 hours

Literature, Culture, and History (Senior level):

  • RUSN 4301 Tolstoy and Dostoevsky (in English)
  • RUSN 4302 Contemporary Russian Literature (in English)
  • HIST 4379 Revolutionary Russia
  • HIST 4383 History of Central Asia
  • SLAV 4300 Independent study or topics course (i.e. Russian Film)*
  • 6 hours

*Students with a background in the language may be excused from some requirements at the discretion of the advisor. All students must, however, complete the minimum number of hours.