Texas Tech University

Collaborate Ultra in a Blackboard Course

Until recently the option to use Collaborate Ultra has been external to Blackboard. In order to share within a course in Blackboard a web link had to be created in Blackboard. Now anyone with a course in Blackboard can use Collaborate Ultra. There is no need to have a separate account for the tool.

Here are the steps to create a Collaborate Ultra session within Blackboard and put a link in your course:

  • From within your Blackboard course select "Blackboard Collaborate Ultra" from Course Tools in the Control Panel.

 The Course Tools drop-down menu with the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra link circled in red.

  • Click on "Create Session."
  • Name the session.
  • Specify the dates and times of the session.
  • Complete the other setting options.
  • Click "Save."
  • You will see the session you created listed.

To link the session in Blackboard:

  • Click on the "Session Option" icon (to the right of the session name.)

The Test Sessions option link indicated by three dots

  • Click on Copy guest link and the link will automatically copy.
  • Go to the area in the course you want to link the session.
  • Mouse over Tools, click on "More Tools."
  • Click on "Blackboard Collaborate Ultra."

The tools menu options list with the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and More Tools links circled

  • Paste link in the text box.
  • You can set the availability dates
  • Click "Submit."