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From Dr. Louder

Dr. Justin Louder

Dr. Justin Louder

When Worldwide eLearning created our
e-newsletter From Anywhere, we knew we wanted it to be a way to inform Texas Tech University about innovations, regulations and best practices for online and distance education. Our first few issues had updates on the incredible growth in online and distance education at Texas Tech over the past year and shared some accolades the online programs received.

With this fourth edition of From Anywhere, you will see that we have added some new features. Now included are articles with helpful tips and tricks from Blackboard Support and the Instructional Design team as well as bi-monthly pieces on state authorization and regulation. We'll also have a regular discussion of emerging technologies and trends in online and distance education and our regional sites around the state will continue to have a dedicated space. We welcome suggestions for additional features: please contact our managing editor Kelly Podzemny if you have an idea for content you would like to see explored by our team.

Texas Tech University is truly available From Anywhere. We hope this newsletter provides further insight into the latest online technologies and helps provide new tools for you to continue to develop high quality online and distance education programs.