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Going Remote: Supporting Online Transitions for Texas Tech

As the entire campus has been facing various challenges due to COVID–19, Texas Tech Worldwide eLearning has been working to help ease the transition for the Texas Tech community. From developing Blackboard course shells, to individual consultations and virtual training sessions, we’ve been working to provide an abundance of resources and assistance to everyone. This includes our students, as we continue to increase our collaborative efforts to send out messages that we are here to support them as well.


 For Faculty For Faculty

Extensive Resources Available at elearning.ttu.edu/remote

Providing resources for online learning to faculty and students has always been an integral part of Texas Tech Worldwide eLearning. Though there has always been comprehensive information available, we used this time to develop a webpage exclusively devoted to resources for faculty emergency transitioning to online delivery. There is an abundance of information and resources as well as a direct link to a student resources page.


 Regional Sites Regional Sites

Encouragement from the Regional Sites

As Texas Tech University regional sites have transitioned to working remotely and supporting completely online courses, they are forging new relationships with technology and interacting in different ways. They offer words of encouragement and support to future students, faculty and staff, and current Red Raiders.

“As you start back with TTU online and continue to manage the changes in education, employment and family life, always remember that seeking support is not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of emotional intelligence!”

Sydney Cox – Program Manager, TTU Waco

“There are a number of students who have concerns. We have been creative with our student groups and now meet online. We are actually hosting a Zoom-based movie night for students as a way to stay connected.”

Melissa Lohr – Academic Advisor, TTU Waco

“I’ve had excellent feedback from students so far. Everyone seems to be adjusting to the new COVID-normal, which includes ZOOM sessions that can feature kids walking in, dogs barking, cats meowing, and spouses walking in and out of the room. I think we are all trying to make the best out of a bad situation. When this is all over, maybe we will have a better appreciation for our office space.”

Cheryl Glosup – Academic Advisor, TTU Hill College

“I think online courses and distance education as a whole are receiving attention right now like never before. The circumstances for which this is happening are unfortunate, but moving forward, there is no doubt that the public will have a better understanding and a greater appreciation for the opportunities that distance education affords students. Hopefully our regional sites can build upon this increased awareness throughout our local communities.”

Lance Pickle – Admissions Counselor, TTU Fredericksburg & TTU Highland Lakes

“I have been able to help one student repair a software issue and am working to lend out a few computers to some students who do not have access to a computer or the Internet.”

Jacob Kemp - IT Support Senior Technician

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